College seeking sites for student interns

March 1, 2019

Build your business or organization’s future talent pool while helping a college student. Jackson College seeks internship opportunities for students.

All career and technical students must complete a one-semester internship as part of their program. Internships allow students to experience practical, hands-on learning outside of the classroom. This helps them develop their skills and ultimately, decide if their chosen field is right for them.

For employers, hiring a college intern not only helps out the business in the short term but helps to create a pipeline of talented professionals for future hiring needs. Interns bring valuable education, current technical skills and prove innovative ideas to employers. Internship opportunities should relate to a student’s program of study. To learn more and to post a position, visit

Any questions, contact Heather Marshall, work-based learning coordinator, at 517.796.8602 ext. 8246.