College symposium to explore topic of inclusion

November 13, 2017

All are invited to join in the discussion when Jackson College’s Lux et Veritas Symposium Series continues with “What is Inclusion?” from 3-4 p.m. Monday, Nov. 20 in Bert Walker Hall, Community Rooms 144 & 145.

A panel comprised of faculty, staff, students and community members will each have five minutes to address the question, “What is inclusion?” Inclusion is, in the broad sense, “the state of being included” or “the act of including.” Inclusiveness involves creating an atmosphere where all people feel valued and respected and have access to the same opportunities.

Afterward, audience members will be invited to question or remark on the topic with the panel members. Assistant Professor Tom McMillen-Oakley will serve as moderator. Panelists will include:

  • Melissa Merkel, TRIO Student Support Services director;
  • Donna Lake, Jackson College Board of Trustees member;
  • Shelah Amburgey, Jackson College compliance reporting and account specialist;
  • Monica Bouman, director of Center for Student Success;
  • Nikki Joly, Jackson Pride Center;
  • Justin McClure, former Jackson College student;
  • Ron Brooks, pastor, Trinity and Brookside United Methodist Church;
  • Jessica Houston, Jackson College student ombudsman.

College and community members are welcome.

Following high-profile events in the news, in politics and across the country on college campuses, Jackson College President Daniel J. Phelan called together a task force earlier this year, Lux et Veritas, or light and truth. Lux et Veritas members are called to promote an inclusive, civil, diverse and secure campus for all students, staff, faculty and visitors. In deciding how to go about their charge, members have decided to host four symposia a year – two in fall, and two in winter. This first symposium explored the concept of civility; it is available online. Future symposia this winter semester will explore the role of academia in minimizing ignorance, and the final will explore the concept of truth.