Con Con presents ‘Improvising Frankenstein: Bringing to Life New Stories of Disability’

February 17, 2021

What does “Frankenstein” have to show us about how we respond to disability? Join in a fun and interactive event as the Concatenation Convention presents “Improvising Frankenstein: Bringing to Life New Stories of Disability,” at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27 via Zoom.

“Frankenstein” is a reflection of how we think about, respond to, and ultimately create disability as individuals and communities. How different would the story have been if Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the villagers had reacted to the “creature” not with fear and violence, but with “yes and” and “got your back”? In this participatory, thoughtful, and fun session, we will use improv — the art of making things up on the spot — to explore these ideas and co-create new stories of disability that represent our highest aspirations. Join us for an interactive discussion of these topics with Jim Ansaldo from the Indiana Institute On Disability at Indiana University.

About Jim Ansaldo, PhD

Jim Ansaldo is a Research Scholar at the Center on Education and Lifelong Learning, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana University Bloomington. For 20 years, he has conducted research, supported school change efforts, and facilitated teacher professional learning around applied improvisation, culturally responsive practice, curriculum design, problem-solving, and reflective communication. He is a founder and co-director of Camp Yes And. Ansaldo was honored with a 2017 Certificate of Commendation Award by the Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association for advancing the welfare of persons with communication disabilities. He trained at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and leads improv-based workshops that support IU scientists and health professionals to communicate complex topics in clear, vivid, and engaging ways.

About Con Con

Con Con brings together the world of science fiction and fact. In 2021, Con Con continues its yearlong exploration of reanimation and the forces of nature that inspire humans to create incredible art and culture. Jackson College professors Steven Albee-Scott and Steven Tuckey, with community member Jon Hart, coordinate the events. Learn more at