Student Information

Interested? Connect with Michigan Works! Southeast today to see if you are eligible for free training in one of our short-term college certificate or industry-recognized credential programs. To schedule an appointment to determine your eligibility, please contact:

Michigan Works! Southeast Jackson Office at 517.841.5627.

What to expect during the program eligibility intake process:

  • You will complete a full eligibility intake through Michigan Works! Southeast
  • You will complete a Jackson College new student application, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and orientation
  • You will complete assessments to help you find your purpose

Michigan Work! Southeast and Jackson College will assist you every step of the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I’m not sure which program or career would be the best for me?

    Jackson College has recently introduced a user friendly tool designed to help students and community members identify careers that will bring a sense of purpose to their lives.  

    Click here to read more and begin exploring


    PathwayU Flyer

  • Will there be anyone to help me with my college classes?

    Yes, Michigan Works! Southeast and Jackson College have services to assist you with your college classes! Below are services available to individuals enrolled in Connect with My Future. 


    MWSE Adult Education Remedial Tutoring

    MWSE Adult Education will help with computer, math, or reading skills to help you be successful in your classes. You will receive free tutoring or instruction from a certified teacher. 

    To Learn More Visit MWSE Adult Education

    Jackson College Center for Student Success Tutoring Center

    Jackson College is committed to student success and offers all students free academic tutoring in a friendly and supportive environment. Our goal is to provide individualized or group assistance that helps you succeed in your academics. 

    Online tutoring is also available for select classes. 

    To Learn More Visit the Center for Student Success

  • Why do I have to go through Michigan Works! Southeast?

    MWSE and Jackson College are working together to combine federal and state funding sources, based on specific eligibility criteria customized for each eligible customer. In order to see if you may be eligible, intake through MWSE is required, prior to registering for any classes.  

  • What if I need help paying for things outside of tuition? 

    Additional financial support may be available for eligible individuals to offer assistance with specific barriers, so that you can focus on being successful. Once you complete intake, you will be assigned a case manager at MWSE or navigator at Jackson College. Make sure you share these concerns with them, they want to help connect you with available resources or services.