Associate in Applied Science Degree

This degree prepares students for entry into a technical or skilled occupational career immediately following Jackson College.

Associate Degrees

All associate degrees will meet the General Education Outcomes (GEO) requirements (see General Education Philosophy on page 8) as approved by the College Board of Trustees. No course substitutions will be allowed unless considered a higher level of an approved course.

To earn an associate degree, students must meet these requirements:

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 overall. (Some programs have additional grade and course requirements. Follow the guide sheet for your program and meet with a student success navigator for complete information.) Important: Only courses with a 2.0 or better will transfer to most four-year colleges and universities.
  2. A minimum grade of 2.0 in each course that applies toward a degree.
  3. Completion of specific courses in a degree.
  4. A minimum of 60 credits.
  5. A minimum of 15 credits earned at Jackson College.
  6. Courses identified as remedial or developmental cannot be used as credits toward degrees or certificates. As of fall 2011, developmental courses are identified with a three-digit number beginning with a 0, such as 030, 080, 095, and only courses considered to be college level (100-level or higher) can be used to fulfill degree requirements. Additional courses excluded from credits toward degrees and certificates are continuing education courses (prefix CCE, CED, CEU, CFO, CJT, CSS, ESL, LTL) and courses offered through JC’s workforce training programs (prefixes JTI, PDI).
  7. A completed Application for Graduation for the associate degree submitted by the deadline date to Registration & Records, located in Student Services, Central Campus or to any Jackson College center. Students have five academic years to apply for graduation from the time they completed their last course at Jackson College. Applications are available at all locations, or the Jackson College web site ( Registration/graduation.htm). Official audits are processed by the Registration & Records Office.
  8. Completion of the degree requirements from any catalog of entry issued during continuous enrollment. Students who are not continuously enrolled and have completed
    degree requirements must meet the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of graduation application. Students re-entering who have not completed degree requirements must follow catalog in effect at time of their re-entry date.
  9. Coursework completed within a reasonable time period. This may require repeating certain essential courses, even though a passing grade was previously earned. An essential course involves material that affects skill development and successful performance and/or contains content likely to change significantly over time, as determined by appropriate academic departments.
  10. A minimum of 12 additional credits beyond those credits completed for one degree are required to earn a second associate degree.
  11. Multiple degrees may be conferred in the same graduation period.