Aviation Flight Technology – Certificate

Want to be a commercial pilot?  You can start your career at Jackson College then transfer to one of our partner universities!

Jackson College has partnered with Eastern Michigan University and Western Michigan University to create 1+3 agreements.  The path is clear:  students will take one year of coursework at Jackson College, earn a private pilot license, then transfer to a partner school for three years of coursework to become a commercial pilot.

While at Jackson College, students will take:

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
AFT 110 Primary Ground School 3

Preparation for the FAA Private Pilot written examination by classroom work on federal aviation regulations, air space, meteorology, navigation, communication and aerodynamics.

AFT 117 AFT 117 Title 0
AFT 118 AFT 118 Title 0
COM 240 Interpersonal Communication 3 ENG 085, ENG 091

(FORMERLY SPH 240) Students will learn to improve communication in one-on-one and small group situations. In this course, students will examine basic verbal and non-verbal elements affecting communication between individuals in family, peer group and work contexts. Specific units of discussion include intrapersonal perspective, conflict resolution, self-disclosure, message generation, intercultural messages and non-verbal communication.

ECN 232 Microeconomics 3 ENG 101* and MAT 135 (Preferred), MAT 133 or MAT 139 Accepted

This course covers microeconomics: the market structure of firms operating in competition and monopoly, labor markets and unions, how income is distributed, current economic problems, international economics, and alternative economic systems.

ENG 131 Writing Experience I 3 ENG 085 and ENG 091

This is an intensive writing course. Narrative and descriptive modes are stressed. Basic research strategies are introduced. An end-of-the-semester portfolio is required.

MAT 133 Introduction to Probability & Statistics 4 MAT 033* or MAT 131 or higher

(FORMERLY MTH 133) (SAME AS CIS 203 AND PSY 144) This course is an introduction to experimental design, data representation, basic descriptive statistics, probability theorems, frequency distributions and functions, binomial and normal probability distributions and functions, probability density functions, hypothesis testing, statistical inference, Chi-square analysis, linear regression, correlation and application of the above in making informed, data driven decisions in real-world contexts. Both graphing calculators and computer-based statistical software (Microsoft® Excel) will be used. If the prerequisite is more than two years old, then the mathematics department recommends the course placement exam be taken or the prerequisite be retaken to ensure the success of the student.

PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology 4 ENG 085* and ENG 090*

Overview of the field of psychology, including learning, development, emotion, motivation, personality, abnormal behavior and psychotherapy.

*There are significant additional fees associated with the program for flight instruction, aircraft rental, etc., that federal financial aid may not cover.  For planning purposes, it is recommended that students have access to approximately $12,500 before starting the Aviation Flight Technology program to cover the cost of flight hours.

For more information on Jackson College’s Aviation Flight Technology program, contact Jamie Vandenburgh at 517.990.1419.