Computer Service Technician – Skill Set

The computer service technician credential prepares students to work as a computer service professional. A+/Network+ is the recognized industry standard for computer service technicians. This training is the “journeyman’s card” for professionals in microcomputer maintenance. The computer service technician validates technical competency in networking administration and support. Those holding A+/Network+ should demonstrate critical knowledge of media and topologies, protocols and standards, network implementation and network support. CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is the certifying agent, a non-profit industry group which determines competencies. CompTIA assures the quality of those who successfully pass the A+ and Network+ Certification exams. Jackson College provides this program to prepare students to pass both exams. The exam is administered by CompTIA’s agents.

Program Requirements

Minimum credits 15
Minimum cumulative GPA 2.0
Minimum grade in all courses 2.0
Minimum Jackson College credits 15


Take the following:

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Systems 3 CIS 095*, ENG 085*, ENG 090* and MAT 020* or higher

Enhance computer knowledge. Course covers computer system concepts with an emphasis on several software applications. Typing ability necessary to be successful in this class.

CIS 174 PC Repair/A+ Hardware Component 3

Course covers basic computer theory, logic, technological evolution, fundamental PC components, I/O peripheral identification, implementation, functionality, and printer fundamentals/types/diagnostics/troubleshooting/basic repair.

CIS 175 PC Repair/A+ Software Component 3 CIS 174

Students gain familiarization with basic DOS functionality and manipulation for diagnostics, troubleshooting and repair with Windows® O/S. Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, diagnostics, upgrade familiarity with necessary Microsoft® product for A+ certification.

CIS 176 A+ Certification Exam Preparation 1 CIS 175

Focus on A+ core exam module component essentials/fundamentals, includes real-time test environment and materials.

CIS 179 Network+ Certification Exam Preparation 1 CNS 101

Focus on Network+ core exam module component essentials/fundamentals to include real-time test environment and materials.

CNS 101 Network Fundamentals/Network+ 4

This course introduces students to fundamental networking concepts and technologies. It is the first of four courses that help prepare students for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. The course materials will assist in developing the skills necessary to plan and implement small networks across a range of applications. It also helps prepare the student for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam.

Printable Degree Map

Semester 1 - fall

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
ACC 115 Payroll Accounting 2 CIS 101*, ENG 085* and ENG 090*

Accurate payroll records and timely payroll tax reporting are critical elements for all successful businesses. Learn to apply payroll accounting rules and procedures to support business operations. Learn employment and tax laws that affect payroll preparation. Learn the skills, procedures, and concepts necessary to compute a company’s payroll. Topics include hiring, gross pay, FICA taxes, income taxes, employee deductions and benefits, payroll accounting, earnings records, tax deposits, unemployment taxes, recording payroll transactions, Form 940EZ, Form 941, reporting employee earnings and special situations.

ACC 214 Income Tax Accounting 3 CIS 095* and MAT 020* or higher

Federal income tax for personal and business use is explored. Concepts covered include taxable income, deductions, exclusions, exemptions and credits against the tax. Proprietorship tax returns including account and depreciation methods, self-employment taxes, self-employed retirement plans, capital gains and losses, disposition of property (both personal and business) and estimated tax declaration.