Digital Marketing – Certificate

Digital marketers communicate with the public through platforms that promote content engagement and sharing online. They use business acumen, creativity, communication, and technology skills to create digital marketing campaigns. Content is posted – such as images, text, and videos – to spark interest in a topic, build a brand and engage with the target market. Digital marketers may interact with the public in real-time, mediate criticism and share positive engagements. They track the effectiveness of communication strategies by setting digital campaign goals for Internet traffic and then measuring success against those goals.

Minimum credits: 24
Minimum cumulative GPA:
Minimum grade in all courses:
Minimum Jackson College credits:


Take the following:

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
BUA 130 Customer Service 3 CIS 095, ENG 085, ENG 091

In the face of change, an uncertain economy, and intensive competition, the student will learn how to create an unexpected, highly evolving experience, to create customer loyalty and compelling word of mouth customers. The core element of service quality will be applied to both people-centered and technology-centered businesses, industries and organizations. The ultimate goal of this course is to help improve students’ abilities to communicate effectively with internal and external customers.

BUA 190 Strategic Business Management 3

Why do some businesses succeed while others fail? How can you promote the growth and sustainability of your organization? What is your role as a future business owner or manager in the overall success of your organization? This course will outline and describe the strategies that a company’s managers pursue to have a major impact on the company’s performance and compete in the dynamic global nature of today’s organizations. Students will explore the following topics as they gain an understanding of strategy: strategic management, competition and competitive advantage, developing strategies, and implementing strategies.

BUA 230 Principles of Marketing 3 CIS 095, ENG 085, ENG 091

Students analyze the marketplace to identify customer wants and needs and develop effective strategies to satisfy them. Emphasis is placed on research, marketing environments, strategic planning, buyer behavior, evaluating key competitors, and the marketing functions of product or service planning, pricing, promotion and distribution.

BUA 231 Advertising, Promotion & Public Relations 3 CIS 095*, ENG 085* and ENG 090*

Students study the principles and practices of numerous promotional tools used in marketing communications. Topics include creation of advertising, media strategies, message appeals, plus the use of specialty advertising, sales promotion and public relations to help sell goods, services and ideas.

CIS 126 Digital Design Fundamentals 3 MAT 131, MAT 133 or MAT 135 (MAT 135 preferred), and ENT 085*, and ENG 090*

Students explore fundamental methods used to compose persuasive digital layouts. Strategies in aesthetics, personal methodology, industry-standard practices are performed with the intent to deliver a clear, unique and proficient message.

CIS 133 Brand Identity Design 1 ENG 085*

This course introduces students to common contemporary practices of corporate brand identity design. Review and discussion of brand-building concepts are researched and analyzed.

CIS 135 Open Source Web Design 1

This course will explore several open source web design software programs available, their risks and advantages in the web development arena. Students will create an eCommerce website, learn to manage the site using open source utilities available and discover strategies for security of website information and eCommerce transactions.

ECM 105 Social Media Content Creation 1

The eCommerce course will cover how to plan, create, and publish digital content on popular social media platforms. Topics include selecting appropriate social media platform(s), using digital marketing principles (relevance, engagement, currency), creating digital (video/image/copy) content, and planning a digital content creation calendar for potential monetization. A computer connected to the internet will be required to establish social media profiles.

ECM 201 Advanced Information Technologies 3 CIS 101*, ENG 085*, ENG 090*

(SAME AS CIS 201) This course enhances electronic communication skills and computer concepts essential to using current advanced information technologies. Topics include web collaboration, web conferencing, web 2.0 applications, social media, mobile computing, file conversions and cross-platform compatibility.

ECM 220 eBusiness: SEO/Management 3 CIS 095*

This course covers search engine optimization, analyzing web marketing efficiencies and evaluating content management systems. Topics include competitive comparison, keyword analysis, effective link building, blogs and eCommunities setup. Specific eBusiness components, such as Google Analytics, social networking sites and pay-per-click advertising campaigns are emphasized to increase the efficiency of eCommerce site operations.