eCommerce – Designer – Skill Set

Upon completion students will be skilled to use open source or boxed software to build an eCommerce website considerate of legal requirements, eCommerce concepts, and technology requirements.

Program Requirements

Minimum credits 5
Minimum cumulative GPA 2.0
Minimum grade in all courses 2.0
Minimum Jackson College credits 5


Take the following:

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
ECM 101 eCommerce Fundamentals 3 CIS 095*, ENG 085*, ENG 090* and MAT 020* or higher

The course introduces revenue models for conducting business transactions globally with customers over the Internet. Topics include integrating eBusiness strategies with traditional store-front objectives, procuring hardware and software resources, optimizing web marketing opportunities, and complying with legal, ethical and regulatory restrictions. Student will apply concepts to real-life scenarios through active-learning strategies.

CIS 125 Microsoft® Expression® Web 1 CIS 095*

This course will show how to create web sites with the Microsoft® Expression® Web program. Topics will include how to create a web site, managing and publishing a web site, and how to use views, table and frames. Previous keyboarding experience is necessary to be successful in this course.

CIS 135 Open Source Web Design 1

This course will explore several open source web design software programs available, their risks and advantages in the web development arena. Students will create an eCommerce website, learn to manage the site using open source utilities available and discover strategies for security of website information and eCommerce transactions.