Graphic Design – Certificate

The process of graphic design uses art and technology for the visual organization of information. The intent is to connect with a specific audience to communicate or expose ideas.

This program allows for an understanding of the practical application of graphic design, as it exists in both digital and print environments in the industry today. Career opportunities include freelance designer, editorial/publication designer, corporate identity designer, package designer, environmental designer and type designer.

Minimum credits: 21
Minimum cumulative GPA: 2.0
Minimum grade in all courses: 2.0
Minimum Jackson College credits: 6


Take the following:

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
CIS 126 Digital Design Fundamentals 3 MAT 131, MAT 133 or MAT 135 (MAT 135 preferred), and ENT 085*, and ENG 090*

Students explore fundamental methods used to compose persuasive digital layouts. Strategies in aesthetics, personal methodology, industry-standard practices are performed with the intent to deliver a clear, unique and proficient message.

CIS 127 Introduction to Creative Software 3 ENG 085*

Understanding the full potential and limitations of software is essential to the success of graphic design students. Introduction to Creative Software is an entry-level course that takes the student who is new to graphic design and creative careers into this dynamic industry and lets them explore common software used.

CIS 128 Typography & Layout 3 CIS 095*

Learn principles of type identification, selection and use in the professional rendering of comprehensive layouts. Utilization of tools, materials, and techniques of rendering emphasized.

CIS 132 Graphic Illustration (Adobe® Illustrator®) 3 CIS 095*

Learn how to create professional looking illustrations using Adobe® Illustrator®. This course introduces student to techniques used by professional designers and illustrators.

CIS 134 Graphic Imaging (Adobe® PhotoShop®) 3

Learn the intricacies of scanning and editing images for producing practical and expressive images on a computer using Adobe® PhotoShop® software.

CIS 136 Integrated Design I (Adobe® InDesign®) 3 CIS 095*

Learn the basics of desktop publishing using Adobe® InDesign®. Students use computers and laser printers to create professional-looking publications that incorporate illustrations and bitmap graphics.

CIS 188 Print Production 3

This course introduces students to technologies and techniques involved with the printing process. Concepts behind the printing press, ink, and color are addressed and methods are applied.

Prerequisite: CIS 127 and CIS 136