Medical Sciences – Transfer Options

The medical sciences major is designed for pre-professional students who are interested in graduate training in human medicine. Students have a variety of areas of specialization within the field of medicine available to them at the postgraduate level. They may pursue medical, osteopathic or dental school, graduate level pharmacy programs and physicians assistant or pathology assistant programs.

Suggested Course Sequence

First Year, Fall Semester

  • BIO 161 or BIO 162, CEM 141, ENG 131, MAT 141 or MAT 151

First Year, Winter Semester

  • BIO 232, CEM 142, ENG 132, PSY 140

First Year, Spring Semester

  • PSY 252, Michigan Transfer Agreement humanities course

Second Year, Fall Semester

  • CEM 241, PHL 236, PHY 231, Michigan Transfer Agreement social science course

Second Year, Winter Semester

  • CEM 242, PHY 232, Michigan Transfer Agreement humanities course, program-specific course requirement