Microsoft Networking – Concentration

Program Requirements

Minimum credits 26
Minimum cumulative GPA 2.0
Minimum grade in all courses 2.0
Minimum Jackson College credits 15


Take the following:

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
CIS 174 PC Repair/A+ Hardware Component 3

Course covers basic computer theory, logic, technological evolution, fundamental PC components, I/O peripheral identification, implementation, functionality, and printer fundamentals/types/diagnostics/troubleshooting/basic repair.

CIS 175 PC Repair/A+ Software Component 3 CIS 174

Students gain familiarization with basic DOS functionality and manipulation for diagnostics, troubleshooting and repair with Windows® O/S. Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, diagnostics, upgrade familiarity with necessary Microsoft® product for A+ certification.

CIS 176 A+ Certification Exam Preparation 1 CIS 175

Focus on A+ core exam module component essentials/fundamentals, includes real-time test environment and materials.

CNS 101 Network Fundamentals/Network+ 4

This course introduces students to fundamental networking concepts and technologies. It is the first of four courses that help prepare students for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. The course materials will assist in developing the skills necessary to plan and implement small networks across a range of applications. It also helps prepare the student for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam.

CNS 106 Routing Protocols & Concepts 4 CNS 101

This course is the second of four courses that help prepare students for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. It covers the routing concepts introduced in CNS 101. The goal is to develop an understanding of how a router learns about remote networks and determines the best path to those networks. This course includes both static routing and dynamic routing protocols.

CNS 121 Microsoft® Networking Client I 3

This course will help students gain the knowledge and skills required to configure Windows® Vista® for optimal performance on the desktop. This course focuses on installing the client software, migrating from previous versions of the Microsoft® Windows® client, and configuring systems settings, security features, network connectivity, communications and media applications, and mobile devices.

CNS 122 Microsoft® Networking Client II 3 CNS 121

This course covers how Windows® Vista® is used in a medium to large enterprise. It focuses on the various technologies used to deploy and manage the operating system, including Windows® Image Manager, Windows PE, Group Policy, User Account Control and Encrypted File System.

CNS 201 Network Security/Security+ 3 CNS 106

The student will be introduced to computer network vulnerabilities and threats and how to safeguard computer networks from those vulnerabilities and threats. This course will expose the student to network security planning, network security technology, network security organization and the legal and ethical issues associated with network security. In this course, students will learn the skills necessary for Security+ certification.

CNS 231 Firewall Intrusion Detection 3 CNS 201

This course will cover how to install, configure and manage network and host-based firewalls. It will cover how to set up and configure popular network-based firewalls and host-based firewalls with various operating systems. It will instruct the students how to set up both network- and host-based intrusion detection systems to determine if and when a network or system has been breached.