Dissection day offers respiratory care students unique opportunity

February 8, 2021

Jackson College respiratory care students recently participated in a dissection day, exploring the anatomy of a pig to understand human systems better.

Because the physiology of the pig is closest to humans, students can connect what they see and what they learn. First-year students explored the pig anatomy from the trachea to the diaphragm. Students could see from the inside how the heart works and the anatomy of a lung.

Student Allan Insco of Cement City is a single father working to make a brighter future for him and his son. “The whole dissection of the pig heart and lung was extraordinary, to be able to feel the inside and outside of the heart and lungs.”

Instructors Sarah Parker, Lindsay Greenstein, and guest lecturer Ross Greenstein, MS, PA-C, explained the fundamentals of the heart and lungs while the class followed along. They intubated the trachea with an endotracheal tube and attached it to a resuscitation bag to watch the lung inflate and deflate.

“This was the ‘AWWW’ moment knowing that I am going to love this class. I can’t wait to adventure more through this semester and the upcoming years to achieve my goals to become a respiratory therapist at Jackson College.”

Student Savannah Crandall of Litchfield is a married mom of three. Crandall’s middle son was born premature and experienced pulmonary issues, piquing her interest in respiratory care. “Starting the program, you are jumping right in. There is a lot of information. We obviously cannot explore a person’s respiratory system, so it is incredible that we do have an animal with a system so similar to our own. We got to have our hands in the middle of it!”

About Respiratory Care 

Respiratory care practitioners, or respiratory therapists, examine patients who are experiencing issues with their breathing. They focus on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiopulmonary disorders and diseases. Jackson College offers an associate degree program that prepares students to sit for board exams in the field. To learn more about Jackson College’s program, visit https://www.jccmi.edu/program/respiratory-care/. Virtual information sessions can offer insight into the program and career opportunities.