King Medal of Service Award

Jackson College is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Medal of Service Award. This award recognizes individuals or groups of individuals in Jackson County for their commitment to King’s ideals and community service.

The award criteria include those who are committed to carrying out the dream and vision of Dr. King in several areas:

  • Belief in the basic tenets of cultural and ethnic diversity;
  • Giving back to the community through volunteerism and service;
  • Support and promotion of educational opportunities for underrepresented populations in Jackson County;
  • Promoting financial opportunities for poorer citizens of Jackson County;
  • Guiding youth and offering opportunities for social and moral development, giving them tools to interact socially with the broader culture; and,
  • Working toward a safe community and reduction of crime in Jackson County.

Nomination Form

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  • Nominator Information

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  • Selection Criteria

    Please describe how the nominee meets the selection criteria below.

    1. Individuals will be recognized who believe in the basic tenets of cultural and ethnic diversity, recognize the richness and strength that comes from valuing others of different groups and encourage minority group members to participate fully in our society. This may include promoting involvement and achievement of diverse individuals in their fields of endeavor, as well as promoting diverse groups actively participating in the public forum.

    2. Those who give of themselves to help others and to make a contribution to a better community enrich us all. Giving back to the community through volunteerism and service will be considered.

    3. Quality educational opportunities are a fundamental right of each person and are important in helping them toward a successful life. Developing, supporting, promoting educational opportunities for underrepresented student populations in Jackson County will be considered.

    4. Promoting financial opportunities for the poorer citizens of Jackson County will be recognized. Developing and supporting business and financial ventures to help individuals get ahead is important to improving their quality of life and for the community.

    5. Providing young people with both a strong foundation and a direction for their lives is important in today’s rapidly changing world. Those who are committed to the social and moral development of the youth in Jackson County giving them the tools to interact socially with the broader culture as well as the internal beliefs and guidance to be good citizens will be considered.

    6. One of the major elements that tears away at the fabric of a healthy community is crime. A strong, crime-free community helps each individual to prosper. Those who work toward and are committed to the reduction of crime in Jackson County will be considered.