Employment Services for Students

To better meet the needs of JC students, alumni and the community, Jackson College has launched the Employment Services office which provides work-based learning opportunities, job search strategies, and help with the application process. Community outreach provides contacts with employers and insight to their workforce needs.

Resumé Critique: This workshop focuses on providing basic information needed to build a resumé that will highlight your professional skills, abilities and experience to give you the competitive edge.

Interviewing Techniques: This workshop focuses on preparing you to enter the interview process with confidence. Learn about key questions that may be asked, how to answer interview questions successfully, proper etiquette and body language, and appropriate clothing for an interview.

Preparing for Success: This workshop will educate you on search and secure strategies, research tips, what you should do to be prepared for an interview, how to represent yourself professionally during the interview, image and presence awareness, and how to follow up after an interview.

Social Media Presence: This workshop will show you the difference between spring breaker and serious job seeker, demonstrating the importance of a positive digital image and how employers are utilizing the Internet to research candidates.

Networking Skills: This workshop will provide you with information on how to network and make the most out of your personal connections and new connections. In today’s workforce, a high number of all jobs are never advertised and get filled though personal connections and networking relationships.

Job Search: Jobs for Jets is a convenient online job posting board.

Jobs for Jets

Jackets for Jets: Jackets for Jets provides access to professional clothing to assist students in their efforts to be ready for the workplace. Jackson College is committed to our students’ success, and that includes helping you dress for success on the job!

Jackets for Jets