Michigan Shakespeare Festival Ticket Information

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Michigan Shakespeare Festival Tickets

The MSF Flex-Pass

Purchase an MSF Flex-Pass and see all three shows at a $12.00 savings over buying single tickets! An MSF Flex-Pass includes one ticket to each of our three productions, or can be redeemed for three seats to any one production. You choose! Flex-Passes also allow the purchaser to buy now, but choose your specific performance dates at a later time. Flex-Passes make terrific gifts for friends and family!

  • Flex-Pass Pricing: General Admission Ticket: $105.00
  • Purchasing a Flex-Pass Online: The MSF Flex-Pass is found at the top of the Event Schedule window after clicking the “Michigan Shakespeare Festival Tickets” button above. When you select the MSF Flex-Pass option, you will want to either click on the Orchestra or Mezzanine section. Then you will select a seat. After selecting a seat you can continue on to the checkout window. Please note: this is not your permanent seat, but just a placeholder. You will still need to choose your seat upon redemption of your Flex-Pass.
  • How to Redeem Your Flex-Pass: To redeem your Flex-Pass please call the Potter Center Ticket Office at 517.796.8600 and let them know you want to redeem your MSF Flex-Pass and choose your performance dates and times. Your specific seat will be assigned at this time. Please note: Seats will be subject to availability at the time of redemption.


Please help the Michigan Shakespeare Festival to continue to offer quality programming to Michigan and beyond. With your tax-deductible donation, the excellence that you expect from the Festival will continue to be possible. Your gift truly makes a difference!