The Guess Who

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019 • 7 p.m.

As possibly one of Canada’s biggest exports, The Guess Who are a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted, worldwide powerhouse. Starting way back in the 1950s the band released a string of small scale singles under the name ‘Chad Allan and The Reflections’ however they made little impact beyond their immediate area. During the years that followed the band were quite popular in their native Canada and embarked on a number of unique projects like being the house band for a music television show and being part of a Coca Cola marketing campaign. Their first taste of international success came with their first release on new label RCA, new album ‘Wheatfield Soul’. The album included the song ‘These Eyes’ which would go on to sell over a million records in the US.

From here the band went from success to success including developing a more hard-edged rock sound for their new songs like the number one hit ‘American Woman’, perhaps the bands most famous song. The band broke up officially in 1975 however there have been a number of reunions and tours that have carried the band right through into the 00’s.

the guess who