Learn about the extraordinary friendship between Jackson Junior College alumni, Lt. Zenneth Arthur Pond and Captain William J. Maher, with a special tribute to the Pond family, on Saturday, Feb. 3, from 2-3 p.m. the Michael Baughman Theater, Potter Center at Jackson College.

In 2016, a group of Jackson College students pored through journals, tax records and antique photos as they researched Michigan settlers. Time after time they returned to an 1840 cobbler’s diary belonging to Josiah Pond, with the penciled command, “Remember me!” Josiah was the great-great-grandfather of Jackson Junior College student and World War II hero, Lt. Zenneth Pond. Their story reflects our story, the story of America.

This special event will feature a screening of the documentary:  “Answering the Call: A Memorial to Jackson Junior College Student Lt. Zenneth Pond.” Across from the theater, the Potter Center Art Gallery will host two over-sized genealogy quilts the students made, along with artifacts that trace the history of the Pond family back 400 years.

 Community members are invited to this free event to explore what Jackson College students discovered. For more information, please contact Professor Diana Agy, agydianam@jccmi.edu or call 517.787.0800.