Did you know…

  • approximately 25 percent of college women will be sexually assaulted at some time during college?
  • 20 percent of college couples have violence within their relationship?
  • more than 10 percent of college students will be stalked, while a majority will experience some form of harassment?

All students are encouraged to attend No Zebras, No Excuses, a presentation that uses videos and conversation to address sexual aggression and bystander intervention. Presented at 3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30, in Harold Sheffer Music Hall, short video vignettes give examples of sexual assault, stalking, partner violence and harassment in real-life environments based upon actual situations. Between each vignette peer educators speak with the audience, addressing behaviors, reinforcing laws and policies, while discussing the actions that could be used to intercede.

Why zebras? Because in the wild, when zebras are attacked by lions, the zebras scatter until the predator takes down an isolated victim. Afterward, the zebras come back together as if nothing happened. The message of this program is, don’t be a zebra, stand together.

All students and staff are invited. Please be advised that this presentation contains sensitive information and adult content.