Fairytales on Ice

Saturday, March 19, 2022
7 p.m.

Sit on the edge of your seats as professional champion ice skaters, Broadway-level singers, and cirque performers captivate you in a world where magic is real.

Enjoy all the magic and spectacle when your favorite fairytale characters take to the ice.  Rapunzel and Pinocchio to Aladdin and Tinkerbell. And the stars of this show: Pirates and the Little Mermaid. Spectacular special effects, music and thrilling jumps, spins, and lifts- All on ICE!


Section A: $30
Section B: $25
Section C: $15
12 & Under: $10*

*Must be purchased with minimum of one adult/full price ticket. 10% off Buyers Choice discount does not apply to $10 tickets.

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