Facilities Liaisons


  • Promote relationships between Facilities and the Jackson College community.
  • Obtain the optimal use of Facilities systems and resources.
  • Support understanding of current and developing campus facility projects.
  • Facilitate communication between Facilities and the Jackson College community.


Membership is open to all Jackson College employees. Facilities will identify and invite members to ensure that employee groups and departments are appropriately represented.

Member Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities may vary based upon the specific member’s role in the institution. Below are activities that represent the intended nature of Facilities Liaisons.

  • Inform departmental users of changes and improvements in building, grounds, and custodial services.
  • Provide input and recommendations on all Facilities related issues across campus.
  • Provide guidance on the advantages, disadvantages, and potential impact of facilities planning and modifications. (i.e. event support, building changes, environment/sustainably methods).
  • Work with Facilities to communicate the status of Facilities initiatives.
  • Update Facilities of departmental issues.
  • Advise how the projects may be implemented.
  • Propose and provide guidance on policy related to facility grounds, cleaning and maintenance issues.