Facilities News & Information

What is an urgent repair?

Service requests shall be classified as an urgent repair when the work requires immediate action to eliminate hazards that pose a threat to life, health, or security to faculty, staff, students, or guests.  For more information about what is classified as an emergency or routine repair click here.

Building Priority Cleaning

Facilities personnel have high and low cleaning priorities.  The Facilities Department has provided cleaning supplies in each building for employees to clean their offices and break areas as an option to help keep our buildings looking clean and welcoming. The building coordinators can assist any employee with accessing these supplies.  Click here to view the facilities personnel priority cleaning.

Call Processing

The Facilities Department’s main phone number 517-796-8681 will now provide a series of options to dispatch URGENT facilities related issues. Urgent issues such as ice and snow removal, water leaks, power outages, etc.  are included in the menu options.  It will automatically notify a Facilities Team Member based on the menu selection.  Facilities staff will not directly answer this line.

Examples of our menu options: (configured for open, limited, and closed hours)

  • Option 3 – for urgent cleaning/custodial or event needs
  • Option 4 –  for power outages or urgent electrical issues
  • Option 5 – for urgent building heating and cooling issues

The menu options are for URGENT facility issues.  All non-urgent issues should be entered into the Facilities Department self-service work request system (SchoolDude).  Routine work request are monitored on a daily basis.