Financial Aid Academic Appeal Contract

To demonstrate good faith in meeting appeal terms, I need to do the following for the duration of my appeal:

  • Establish realistic academic goals based on my unique needs and challenges.
  • Follow-up on agreed upon interventions.
  • Meet with the Center for Student Success as requested to review the reasons for my academic difficulties and progress towards the completion of my degree.

I understand that:

  • I am currently on an approved academic appeal and need to achieve at least a 2.0 in each attempted course until I have met satisfactory academic standards or completed my degree/credential.
  • I am currently on an approved academic appeal and am aware that I cannot withdraw from any courses.
  • I have met or will meet with my Student Success Navigator each semester to ensure I am progressing towards my degree/credential completion.
  • For credit limit, only classes approved by my appeal will be paid for by financial aid.
  • For credit limit, changing my program of study will void my current approved appeal and will require a new financial aid appeal.
  • If I fail to meet the terms of my appeal each semester, I am responsible for any charges that may occur due to loss of financial aid.
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