Third Party Sponsorship

Jackson College makes arrangements with many companies and agencies who pay for student’s tuition and fees. We require the following information:

  1. Sponsor authorizations must be in the Business Office at least one business day prior to or no later than your payment due date or you risk losing your spot in the classes you have registered for due to non-payment. Vouchers submitted for payment or reimbursements are subject to sponsor contract. If a sponsor is authorizing a partial payment, the student will be responsible for the balance due. The student is responsible for dropping classes he/she does not intend to take.
  2. The following information must appear in the sponsor’s authorization letter:
    • Student Name
    • Student Number
    • Clear billing instructions
  3. Sponsored students must submit a new authorization letter or voucher each semester.
  4. Sponsor authorizations may be faxed to Jackson College at 517.796.8596.
  5. For further information, sponsors may contact: Sally Roddy, Bert Walk Hall room 110, 517.990.1389,