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What are BCs, ICs, & SIs?

Initials Title Description
BC Blended Course Students who place into ENG 086, ENG 091, MAT 033, MAT 039, and MAT 040 have the option of enrolling in a Blended Course. Blended Courses (BCs) allow students to co-enroll in two courses, one developmental and one required for most degrees, taken during the same semester with the same instructor.

Blended Courses: 

  • ENG 086/PSY 140A
  • ENG 086/COM 231A
  • ENG 086/BUA 100A
  • ENG 091/ENG 131A
  • MAT 033/MAT 133A
  • MAT 039/MAT 131A
  • MAT 040/MAT 130A
SI Supplemental Instructor A supplemental instructor is a student who assists in the classroom, answering questions and acting as a tutor during class time.