Brandon McIntyre

Meet Brandon. Brandon McIntyre began his educational journey at Jackson College because of the affordable cost and the convenience of being close to his Jackson home. His experience grew into so much more.

“After attending a couple of classes, I began to pick up on how the teachers taught, how the teachers cared for your success and how welcomed I felt interacting with them.”

McIntyre began his studies at Jackson College in 2015, with a goal of becoming an electrical engineer. He plans to transfer to Michigan State University to complete his bachelor’s degree. During his time at JC, he has been involved in the Jackson Community Concert Band, the African Drum Ensemble, Jackson Jazz Ensemble, tutor in the Center for Student Success, Junior Writing Fellow, and was a volunteer of the recent Heritage Center history project. He is also working full-time at ORION Engineering as an electrical engineering intern.

In the meantime, he adds scholarships help tremendously. His parents were unable to assist him because of his mother’s recurring medical bills. Since his mother has recently passed away, scholarship assistance means the world to him. “The scholarships I received at the College have truly helped me for I have been on my own for paying for college. To know there are others out there that are supporting me and helping me succeed, helping me to become the successful student my mother always knew I was.”

“My experience has been absolutely life changing. At Jackson, not only have I earned credits that I can transfer to MSU, but I have learned what I am capable of and all the amazing experiences there are in the world that come from hard work and being a part of a community that supports and provides these experiences,” he said. “Attending Jackson College has truly been one of the most influential times in my life, and I hope that others will be able to see how much you truly can get out of the College, how involving yourself at the College can lead to some of the most significant moments in your life.”