Carly Lee

Meet Carly. Completing her college education was important to her – at just 20 years old, Carly Lee has completed both her associate degree in graphic design from Jackson College and her bachelor’s degree in communications from Siena Heights University.

“Finishing my program in three years made me feel really accomplished and proud of myself! It was a lot of hard work, but it’s all worth it to be a college grad!”

She chose Jackson College because it was close to home and a more affordable option. She took advantage of an articulation agreement with Siena Heights to take several associate degree and bachelor’s degree at the same time on-campus all here in Jackson, saving time and money.

“I did a lot of online class work; it helped me to multi-task. I had a really good experience with everyone, and had great professors. It is very affordable compared to other universities. Overall, it’s a very safe environment.”

This summer she is finishing her work at Jackson College with an internship in the Marketing & Communications Office.

Scholarship money helped her continue her education. “It helped me a lot in paying for everything. It helped me continue my education at Jackson College. I am very grateful.”