Joy Gebhardt

Meet Joy Gebhardt. Attending college as a non-traditional, adult student, she was not sure what to expect. Jackson College put her questions to rest. She found courses that fit her busy schedule, and inspiring professors.

“This made it both attainable and enjoyable to return to a learning environment with a diverse student population. In fact, my nursing professors were such an inspiration to me, I want to also become a nursing educator,” Gebhardt said. “Most of all, the professors wanted to see each student succeed, and they were willing to help in any way needed. It made me feel very proud to attend a caring college such as JC.”

She experienced some challenges along the way. Her son, Austin, received a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer during her first semester at the College. Having exhausted almost all their funds to help Austin fight his battle, she would not have been able to continue her journey without scholarships.

“Receiving those scholarships allowed me to enter into a professional career path, become financially successful and achieve personal gratification knowing that I am helping patients every day.”

Joy earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Eastern Michigan University this July. She has been working as a registered nurse at Henry Ford Allegiance Health since 2015, and recently landed a lucrative position as a labor & delivery nurse. “I definitely feel my role as a nurse is more than just a job, but rather, my calling.”

Gebhardt’s five-year goals including becoming a clinical instructor for Jackson College students and eventually to teach in the RN program. She and her husband recently moved to Lake Columbia from Concord.

“I would definitely recommend Jackson College to any student who wants to learn, grow and achieve their full potential both personally and professionally.”