Khamarah Willis

Meet Khamarah. She credits Jackson College with helping her to become the person she is and is striving to become.

She chose Jackson College because it was close to her Jackson home and offered low prices for classes. The academic, financial and personal support she received was powerful. “My experience with different clubs and organizations that I joined impacted me in phenomenal ways. As a result, I am more motivated and driven to become successful in life.”

Scholarship assistance made all the difference for Khamarah, since she comes from a family of 10 and is the sixth in college!

“I purchased the books and supplies I needed and was fully prepared for classes. Because of the scholarships I received, I was able to be fully prepared for my classes. It eliminated a lot of financial stress.”

She graduated with her Associate in Arts and transferred to Spring Arbor University for a year to study sociology. In the fall, Khamarah will transfer to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee to complete her bachelor’s degree and pursue a master’s degree in sociology.

“I’d recommend Jackson College because of the great amount of support that I’ve received from the College. The faculty and staff truly are dedicated to making the students succeed. I felt well supported in my journey at Jackson College. There’s nothing like being in a place that pushes you towards your goals.”