Paula Crow

Meet Paula. Paula Crow chose Jackson College because of its smaller class sizes and one-on-one advising. Attending a large university setting wasn’t what she wanted after high school. After benefitting from ample opportunities that Jackson College has provided, she knows she made the right choice.

“I would recommend Jackson College to anyone because of the friendly atmosphere and the ability to thrive on campus. The professors are definitely very good at what they do and always sure to respond to any questions that a
student has.”

She has had the opportunity to be involved in many activities and extracurricular groups. She plays in the Jackson Community Concert Band and serves as an ambassador for the American Honors program. Joining the Heritage Center history project with Professor Diana Agy was definitely life change. “I got to meet many new, friendly people and create memories with them all.”

In addition, she participated in a bowling league and served as an assistant coach for her high school tennis team. Having faculty members willing to work with a student’s schedule and the freedom to choose what class to take and when it fits with her schedule has helped.

Paula works hard in the classroom and working to save money, as she is paying for college mostly on her own. Scholarship assistance from the Jackson College Foundation helps her now and lets her save for the future.

“It has been a goal of mine since graduating high school that I wouldn’t take out loans unless I absolutely had to. Since then, I have worked hard on saving money, and knowing when and when not to spend it. The scholarship helps me tremendously because I am able to save up money and be able to set some aside.”

In 2018, Crow expects to graduate with her Associate in Science, and then hopes to transfer to Michigan State University to complete her bachelor’s degree in veterinary science.