Reese Horne

Meet Reese. This 17-year-old dual enrolled student has had the opportunity to tutor those beyond him in years. Scholarship assistance helped make it possible.

“Scholarship money helped me take a free three-credit class. I took communications and in turn, I tutored. Tutoring was really fun – most of the people would be older, but it turned out to be a really great experience and I loved it.”

Gaining a college experience before he went away somewhere appealed to him. Because Jackson College was near to where Reese lives, he enrolled. “I knew some people who went to Jackson, and they said to try it out.”

Reese has been part of the Writing Fellows and helped with the recent volunteer history project at the Jackson College Heritage Center. Students learned about the history of families who have settled in the area, tracing the history of two particular Jackson Junior College students who were close friends.

All of his experiences have been positive, and he enjoys the personal touch.

“I would recommend Jackson College because, in my experience, all the professors actually care about you and you make a personal connection,” he said.