‘Swamp Thing’ artist joins Con Con ‘Reanimation’ event to discuss intersection of science and science fiction in his work

March 8, 2021

It’s hard to tell what may arise from the deep swamp! Hear from the comic artist who brought DC Comics’ “Swamp Thing” to life during an online interview with award-winning artist, Stephen Bissette, at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 20.

Jackson College’s Concatenation Convention continues its exploration of reanimation and the forces of nature that inspire humans to create incredible art and culture with this free online event. Bissette is a comic artist, editor and publisher with a focus on the horror genre. In addition to working with writer Alan Moore and inker John Totleben on the 1980s’ “Swamp Thing,” he has also worked on many other horror-themed comics projects and a lecture series, “Journey Into Fear.”

This will be a rich discussion on the role of reanimation in horror, as well as the intersection of science and science fiction in Bissette’s work. Questions from the audience will be welcome.