Honors @ Jackson College

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Sometimes students need more – greater challenges, deeper discussions. The Honors Program @ Jackson College enriches the classroom experience. Students will explore in-depth topics in their majors and programs of study (pathways) with other students who seek a greater academic challenge.

Honors @ Jackson College is designed to provide talented, academically-motivated students with an enhanced educational experience. In an environment that promotes scholarship and community, honors students enjoy frequent interaction with peers and honors faculty. They are challenged to grow intellectually, increase their awareness of the society around them, question the status quo, think critically, work collaboratively, and become involved with the community through service-learning projects.

The Honors Program

  • Rewards students’ intellectual curiosity through deepening research methods, special speakers, and co-curricular events where students practice and hone service learning skills to the college and community
  • Fosters interdisciplinary collaboration through leadership experiences that make connections between multiple disciplines and fosters a holistic learning environment
  • Enhances major/career pathway scholarship through honors components added to students major courses and adds a collaborative capstone project
  • Engages with the College and Community through projects in which students will use their talents as thinkers, writers, and leaders.

Honors Program Benefits

Honors students develop a close-knit group of friends within the program.  Besides attending classes together, honors students attend social and academic events sponsored by the program and are eligible to live in the apartment-style honors residence of campus view housing located conveniently on Jackson College main campus

Other benefits include:

  • Smaller class sizes enable more direct contact and mentoring from the honors faculty
  • Clearly marked on the transcript that add distinction to university and employment applications
  • Opportunities to participate in travel or global experiences, extending education beyond the classroom
  • Assistance with scholarships and transferring to four-year colleges and universities–an added value from the honors team
  • High school students with an overall 3.5 GPA after they complete 12 credit hours will be invited to join Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Honors Eligibility

Cost will be $250 per semester.

Jackson College offers prospective students admission to the program, as long as students meet the following minimum requirements:

High School Students:

  • A minimum SAT 1030 (R+M)/ACT 22
  • High school GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • Accuplacer:  MAT 55 or higher/ Reading 70 or higher/ Writing 84 or higher

(IB, AP, and Honors course work will be strongly encouraged to become a competitive applicant)

International Students:

  • TOFEL score:  71 or higher
  • GPA:  3.25 or higher

(Students will be responsible for having their international high school transcripts evaluated)

Jackson College Students

  • GPA:  3.5 or higher
  • No more than 12 -15 earned college credits

(If students have taken developmental courses, their application will be revisited after completing one full semester of college level course work)


The Admission Committee will look at students holistically when making a decision

Fall 2020 Honors Courses

No Sec Course Title Location Description Credits Billing Credits Course Fee Number of Weeks Start End
131 AHI50 Writing Experience I Internet Based Learning 3 3 $119.00 7 10/27/2020 12/19/2020
131 AHI51 Writing Experience I Internet Based Learning 3 3 $119.00 7 10/27/2020 12/19/2020
140 AHI50 Seminar in Life Pathways Internet Based Learning 3 3 $119.00 7 8/31/2020 10/19/2020
140 AHI51 Seminar in Life Pathways Internet Based Learning 3 3 $119.00 7 8/31/2020 10/19/2020

*Honors courses are designated by AH

Students are required to take 24 credit hours in designated Honors Courses to receive an Honors degree.

Students will receive an Honors Certificate by completing 18 credit hours in Honors Courses.

Transfer Planning Checklist

Yearly FAFSA
□ I have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.ed.gov as soon as possible, after January 1st of every year, normally when IRS and state taxes have been filed. JC FAFSA code: 002274
□ I have verified my Financial Aid status and/or “My Documents” on JetStream to check for missing items that need to be returned to JC and transfer College’s Financial Aid Offices.
□ I have accepted my financial aid package on JC JetStream or at transfer institution.

Before the End of the 1st Semester or immediately after completing 12 Cr. Hours. Research!
□ I have researched transfer institutions that offer the program of study I wish to pursue.
□ I have researched transfer student application deadlines.
□ I have created my College Fish.org profile and have compared tuition and other costs, perused scholarships, and discerned economic factors.
□ I have met with my JC Navigator and discussed my goals to transfer.
□ I have narrowed my transfer choices to two, and I am committed to taking courses that are required in both transfer institutions.
□ I have researched the GPA needed to be admitted into my two desired schools. I meet and will work to continue meeting that requirement.
□ I understand that all courses listed in the MTA (Michigan Transfer Agreement) will not meet specific requirements for my program.
□ I will apply for my JC degree or certificate prior to transferring

During the Second Semester. Campus Visits/Advising Appointment
□ I have a contact advisor at my transfer institution(s) ____________________________
□ I have prepared a list of questions to ask about the transfer process and my program/major.
□ I have visited or scheduled a visit to my planned transfer institution(s)
□ I understand that that my program of a study may require a secondary admit. A secondary admit means that after I am admitted to the university, I must be admitted into the college which houses my program, e.g., College of Education.

3rd Semester. Applying
□ I have applied to my planned transfer institution(s), ideally 6 – 9 months prior to anticipated start date.
□ I have researched scholarships and applied for them early. If I am a Phi Theta Kappa member in good standing, I have also notified the Admissions Director that I am eligible for any Phi Theta Kappa and merit Scholarships.
□ I have performed a degree audit on e-Services to review remaining classes
□ I have spoken with my Navigator to discuss my final semester
□ I have registered for my final semester of classes

Final Semester Prior to Transfer
□ I have performed a final degree audit and spoken with an Academic Advisor to review my remaining classes
□ I have completed a graduation application by the posted deadline
□ I have completed an official JC transcript request form to have grades sent to my transfer institution(s)
□ I have completed a graduation application by the posted deadline (typically March 1st for Spring Graduation)

How to apply to Honors @ Jackson College

Listed below are the next steps to complete and confirm your enrollment in the Honors @ Jackson College.

Step 1: Enroll at Jackson College

You likely completed this step to be accepted into Honors program. If you have not enrolled at Jackson College, please complete your application.

Step 2: Apply to Honors @ Jackson College

Complete your Honors @ Jackson College application form and email all items to Honors@jccmi.edu

• Test scores
• High school and/or college transcripts
• A 250 – 500 word essay describing your academic achievements, transfer goals, and career aspirations. Also include why you would like to be an honors college student.
• Optional: A teacher’s or employer’s letter describing your work ethic and academic grit.
Along with your application please provide the following items:

Application Form

Step 3: Accept your spot in Honors @ Jackson College

Complete your Intent to Enroll form and email it to Honors@jccmi.edu

As a newly admitted student to Honors @JC, your acceptance grants you provisional membership in the world’s oldest and most prestigious honor society for community college students, Phi Theta Kappa. Our Jackson College Chapter, Alpha Rho Lambda, has been awarded as a distinguished chapter, ranking 35th out of over 1300 community college chapters. Upon completion of 12 credit hours and your JC GPA of 3.5, you will be offered full membership into this outstanding organization which celebrates leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service.

For more information about Phi Theta Kappa at Jackson College https://www.jccmi.edu/phi-theta-kappa/

Intent to Enroll Form

Step 4: Complete course placement requirements

  • To start the Honors program, you should place into 100-level math and English courses (or above). You can prove readiness for these courses through your ACT, SAT, Compass, or Accuplacer scores. Please note that scores are only valid for 3 years. If your scores are older than 3 years, you will need to take the JC assessments.
  • Jackson College needs to have a final copy of all transcripts to ensure you take the correct courses.

Step 5: Attend new student orientation

  • Sign-up to attend a Jackson College new student orientation by calling 517.796.8425. At the orientation session you will develop a financial plan for college as well as meet your Student Success Navigator and register for classes. Please bring your acceptance letter to your meeting so your navigator knows you have been accepted.

Step 6: Develop a financial plan for college:

  • Apply for the FAFSA (if eligible): Jackson College Federal School Code: 002274
  • Complete a financial planning conversation with your admissions officer
  • With financial aid questions or concern, please contact the Jackson College financial aid staff: (517) 796-8410 or JCCfinancialaid@jccmi.edu

Step 7: Meet with a Jackson College navigator

  • Bring your Honors acceptance letter to your meeting so your navigator knows you have been accepted
  • Meet your navigator
  • Register for your semester courses.

Contact Honors Team @ Jackson College