PTK Honors @ Jackson College

student and vice president shaking hands

PTK Honors @ Jackson College enriches the classroom experience.  Students will explore leadership profiles, be inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, and have access to transfer scholarships.  PTK Honors is for students who seek to achieve a competitive edge within their pathway.

The Honors Program

  • Rewards students’ intellectual curiosity through deepening research methods, special speakers, and co-curricular events where students practice and hone service learning skills to the college and community.
  • Enhances major/career pathway scholarship through honors components and adds a collaborative capstone project.
  • Engages with the College and Community through projects in which students will enhance their skills as thinkers, writers, and leaders.
  • Honors students develop a close-knit cohort within the program. Besides attending honors courses together, honors students attend social and academic events through the Phi Theta Kappa chapter at Jackson College.

Honors Semester I Honors Semester II

SEM 250 Studies in Leadership Development (3 BCH)
Late Start 12-week course

SEM 251 – 1 credit (1 BCH)
7-week course

Pathway Driven Course

Independent Study – 2 credit Capstone (2 BCH)
7-week course

Pathway Driven Course Pathway Driven Course
Pathway Driven Course Pathway Driven Course
Pathway Driven Course

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