Employee Committee Opportunities

  • Accreditation Committee


    The purpose of the Accreditation Committee is to work to ensure the College is fulfilling accreditation requirements as outlined by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to fulfill the 10 year Open Pathway cycle.

    Committee Chair: Sara Perkin

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  • Academic Council


    The Academic Council of Jackson College exists to assure the integrity of the College’s instructional system.

    Committee Chair: Jeremy Frew


  • Assessment Committee


    Provide framework for assessing student learning outcomes at the course, program/discipline, and college level.

    Committee Chair: Christy Hughes, Allison Price


  • Curriculum Committee


    The Curriculum Committee ensures the academic integrity and currency of all credit courses, all degrees and certificates.

    Committee Chair: Pat Visser, Kristin Stockbridge


  • Data Governance


    • Identify, establish and oversee the strategy, objectives and policies intended to ensure the quality of critical data, focusing primarily on those data used for compliance reporting to external agencies
    • Align the college’s data management practices and usage policies to allow for two-way data and information flow across systems and offices, departments and divisions
    • Align external compliance reporting instructions, data definitions, and requirements to the data entry, aggregation, and coding of the college’s data
    • Establish and maintain a data definition dictionary and coding standards for the college’s critical external compliance and internal operations reporting requirements and use by Webi super-users
    • Identify, establish and oversee processes for data corrections at the data-entry level and back-ground data that are based on established data definitions and standards
    • Define, develop and document data metrics, and changes to the metrics, used in external and internal reporting, e.g., Balanced Scorecard, Achieving the Dream, Voluntary Framework for Accountability, BCH reports, persistence/retention reports, etc.
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  • Diversity and Equity Committees


    Focus is establishing and enhancing a culture of diversity and belonging at Jackson College. This is from a student and employee perspective. Cultural programs, activities, trainings, etc.

    Committee Chairs: Lee Hampton, David Smith and Kelly Crum

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  • Facilities Liaisons


    • Promote relationships between Facilities and the Jackson College community.
    • Obtain the optimal use of Facilities systems and resources.
    • Support understanding of current and developing campus facility projects.
    • Facilitate communication between Facilities and the Jackson College community.

    Committee Chair: Jim Jones

    Facilities Liaisons Committee Information


  • Faculty Professional Development Committee
  • IT Liasons


    • Promote relationships between Information Technology and the Jackson College community.
    • Obtain the optimal use of IT systems and resources.
    • Support understanding of current and emergent campus technologies.
    • Facilitate communication between Information Technology and the Jackson College community.
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  • Web Liaisons


    The purpose of the web liaison committee is to maintain the integrity of the overall design, functionality, and content of the Jackson College’s website. The committee creates and recommends best practices for web-related activities, explores new initiatives and strategies, receives training on website accessibility and reviews suggestions for changes and improvements to the website.

    Committee Chair: Ashley Banks

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  • Workforce Focus


    • Research and recommend best practice for workforce engagement and satisfaction
    • In conjunction with the Office of Human Resources recommends an Annual Plan for Human Resources inclusive of capacity assessment, succession planning and competency review.
    • Establish workforce behavior standards
    • Review and recommend content and format for annual performance evaluation and workforce competency reviews
    • Establish guidelines and recommend an annual plan for professional development

    Committee Chair: Cindy Allen

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