Employee Committee Opportunities

Committee Contact Person
AQIP Committee Sara Perkin & T.B.D.
Academic Council* Kate Thirolf, Interim
Assessment Committee* Michael Walraven
Competency Based Education Kate Thirolf
Curriculum Committee* Pat Visser
Customer Focus Jeremy Frew
Data Governance Sara Perkin
Department Chairs Committee Dianne Hill
Diversity and Inclusion Lee Hampton
Facilities Liaisons Lisa Taylor
Faculty Professional Development Committee* Steve Tuckey
Financial Aid Appeals Committee Jessica Houston
Foundation Studies Committee* Ted Miller/Charlotte Finnegan
IT Liaisons Lisa Taylor
Judicial Mary Jo Kennedy
Lux et Veritas Sara Perkin
Non-Academic Appeals Committee Jessica Houston
OER Community of Practice Brian Newberry & Becky Roberts
Pathway Steering Committee Ted Miller/Charlotte Finnegan
Personnel Review Committee (PRC)* Cindy Allen/Amy Miller
Retention and Recruitment Steering Committee* Jeremy Frew
Student Veterans of America Randall Locke
Workforce Focus Cindy Allen

* Represents Academic Integrity Committees