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Total Commitment to Student Success Award

Jackson College wants to recognize the many ways our employees make a positive impact on students. In keeping with the College’s Total Commitment to Student Success, the Jackson College Foundation will fund a $500 TCS2 Award and trophy to one employee making a difference in the life of a student(s). This honor will be awarded at each Convocation to the deserving recipient. Take a few minutes and honor a fellow employee for the amazing work he/she does, recognizing efforts that support student success.

A special thank you to the Jackson College Foundation for funding this award, acknowledging the amazing employees at Jackson College who are recognized for their Total Commitment to Student Success.

Sara Cornell

Spring 2019

Sara demonstrates Total Commitment to Student Success every day that she serves Jackson College. Sara spends her time meeting with students, planning the HCEMC Colloquia every week, attending committee meetings, seeking out professional development opportunities, as well as volunteering in the community. Sara has done a great job transitioning to the HCEMC advisor while maintaining her role as a Student Success Navigator. Everything Sara does to serve Jackson College is a step to ensure our students will be successful. Sara is very passionate about her students’ success and that shows in the work she does every day. Sara has taken on new roles to ensure Total Commitment to Student Success on different levels. Her work in the Early Middle College is proof that she makes a positive impact to Jackson College and the Hillsdale County Community every day.

Antoine Breedlove headshot

Antoine Breedlove

Winter 2019

Antoine Breedlove, multicultural student programming coordinator, understands that relationships are important when helping students. Exhibiting compassion and understanding, he creates an atmosphere that is safe, nurturing and unbiased, based on his own college experience. He has provided many opportunities for students, such as initiating a flag football league that involved 43 students. Students had fun and enjoyed a positive experience that taught them character, teamwork and respect for others. He has interceded for students with faculty and assisted students in completing homework. Breedlove has walked students into the Center for Student Success, navigator offices, ombudsman’s office and the Health Clinic to make it easier for them to get the services they need. When a student needed to get a prescription filled at pharmacy, he drove them to Meijer. Breedlove initiated a Barbershop Mentoring program that brings a licensed barber to campus twice a month. Students may pay $10 per haircut, but if they attend Center for Student Success for two hours or more, they receive a free haircut. In the Summer Jets program, he mentors incoming students, listening to their challenging, making sure they have food when they are hungry, even taking them to jobs off-campus when they don’t have transportation.

Darren Chase

Fall 2018

Darren works with great dedication in Jackson College’s International Student Institute.  Darren creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes students want to spend time visiting and hanging out.  Darren takes a personal interest in the International students assisting them with daily tasks beyond education such as banking, grocery shopping, overcoming language barriers, health care needs and planning fun engaging activities for the students outside of the College.

Michael Coy

Spring 2018

Michael’s commitment to his department, the Arts, Jackson College and to students has enriched the lives of JC students as well as the Jackson College community.  Michael quietly goes Above and Beyond because he sees what needs to be done and just does it without fanfare or recognition.  Michael demonstrated this with a Student Employee in the Theatre Department.  Mentoring and guiding the student, often on his own time, to the point that she has moved on to a State University to pursue her degree in Stage Craft.  For these reasons, and many others, Michael clearly demonstrates Total Commitment to Student Success.