Colleague Database Migration to SQL Server (IT PROJ: p0297)



The College’s enterprise management system, Colleague, will be taken down for a 5 day outage from February 28th at 6 PM until March 6th at 6 AM, during which its database will be migrated to a new platform (SQL). This required upgrade will enable us to move forward with providing additional reporting capabilities, better integration with third-party systems, enhanced security, and easier maintenance.

Current Status

Information Technology staff finished working with users of Colleague to test processes and Colleague features. Currently working to complete outstanding items prior to start of migration on 2/28 at 6pm.

Upcoming Milestones

Timeframe Milestone
02/06-02/17 Resolve issues found in User Testing.
02/06-02/17 Develop replacement IT processes for e-Services & JetStream account generation, Retention Alert case build, and Process Handler monitoring.
02/10 Decision Day – determine if project will continue as planned. Decision: Moving forward with migration as planned.
02/20-02/28 Complete outstanding items and prepare for migration.
02/28 at 6PM Start Production Migration.
03/04-03/05 Test Colleague processes and features.
03/06 at 6AM Colleague Production available.
03/06-03/10 Complete post migration testing and troubleshoot any uncovered issues.

System Outages

During this outage, Colleague and all of its dependent systems will be unavailable, have limited functionality, or will not receive new data from Colleague including:

Complete outages: Some loss of functionality: No new data from Colleague for the services below:
  • Colleague desktop and UI
  • e-Services
  • JetStream
  • FA ~ Link – Financial Aid availability in Bookstore
  • Mobile
  • WebI – Colleague Reporting
  • Perceptive Content Management / ImageNow (no new linking of scanned documents, no lookup of records from Colleague)
  • Recruiter
    (no exporting of applications)
  • Account Provisioning
  • Adirondack – The Housing Director
  • Astra Schedule
  • Bookstore Connect Once
  • Budget Maestro
  • IDMS – One Card
  • JetNet
  • Maxient


  • Microsoft SQL server is a much newer database technology. Unidata, our current database, was developed in the 1960’s.
  • Microsoft SQL server is a database leader in the industry, making it easier to recruit and hire staff.
  • Microsoft SQL server will offer an improved reporting infrastructure.
  • Microsoft SQL server will provide opportunities for better integration with other systems.
  • Micorsoft SQL server provide enhanced security options.
  • Ellucian’s long term strategy is tied to Microsoft solutions, including SQL.
  • This project will create a strong foundation to build upon, allowing JC to launch forward with future technical needs.

Reporting Information

During the migration to the SQL database, users will no longer have access to reports created by Query Builder, Paragraphs or Custom Programs. Information Technology staff have worked diligently to identify these reports and replace them using the WebI tool.

Report Crosswalk

Accessing the SQL Test Site

You may access the SQL Test Site using the link below.

For more information

If you have questions or concerns about this project, please contact Kelly Chambers at ext. 8645.