Colleague Reporting with Web Intelligence Resource Page

Web Intelligence is a user-friendly query tool allowing you to access Colleague data through DataOrchestrator ODS. This point-and-click interface allows users to quickly build interactive reports and format resulting data for easy analysis.

Below you will find a variety of resources that will assist you in the transition to the new user interface.

BI4.2 Upgrade

Information Technology has upgraded the Colleague Reporting tool, or WebI (BI4), to a more advanced version of WebI.  This is required to stay up to date on the latest supported software and to remain compliant with current operating systems.

With the upgrade comes a few visual changes for WebI.  Even though it will have some subtle changes, it will operate very much the same.

The link below will launch the new WebI (BI4.2) interface.  Some of the benefits gained with WebI (BI4.2) are:

  • Firefox and Chrome browser support

Launch New WebI (BI4.2)

Web Intelligence FAQs