Student Laptops

Jackson College is committed to student success and degree completion. As part of these commitments, students who enroll in at least six credit hours and plan to earn an associate degree, may receive a laptop equipped with what you need for your studies at not cost to you. Complete your associate’s degree and the laptop is yours!

The Academic Laptop Incentive Program is limited to 1,200 students. Laptops will be distributed to the first 1,200 students to accept the laptop agreement in JetStream.

  • Laptops are also available to our dual-enrolled and early/middle college students who meet the enrollment and program requirements.
  • High school guest students are not eligible.

How to Receive a Laptop

Chat with a front line staff member using our live chat feature to learn more about getting a laptop.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the eligibility requirements to receive a laptop?
    • You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits for Fall 2021 and pursing an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program.
    • or You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits for Fall 2021 and participating in one of our Early/Middle College programs.
    • You must also live within the United States due to software licensing concerns.
  • How do I know if I qualify?

    Students who meet the qualifications for a laptop will see the agreement in their JetSteam account. If you are interested in a laptop, you must accept the agreement electronically to reserve a laptop.

  • When will I get my laptop?

    Once you accept the Laptop Agreement in JetStream you will be emailed information with instructions with next steps for getting your laptop.

    Please note: This email will be sent within two business days after you accept the Laptop Agreement.

  • How do I get my laptop?

    Once you accept the Laptop Agreement in JetStream you will be emailed information with instructions on how to get your laptop. Students who reside in Jackson, Lenawee or Hillsdale county will be sent instructions to make an appointment on Central Campus to pick-up their laptop. Students who reside outside of Jackson, Lenawee or Hillsdale county will have the option of picking up their laptop or having their laptop shipped.

    Please note: If a Jackson, Lenawee or Jackson County student and cannot pick-up your laptop for any reason, shipping can be requested.

  • Jackson College Student Laptop Agreement (Sample)

    PURPOSE: Jackson College provides all new degree seeking students laptop computers, as a means to promote achievement and provide diverse opportunities during the educational experience.

    This policy provides guidelines and information about the limitations that the college imposes on use of these resources.

    In addition to this policy, the use of any college computer, including laptop computers, also requires students to abide by the College’s Respectful and Responsible Use Policies. Additional rules may be added as necessary and will become a part of this policy.


    Specifically, the student will adhere to these guidelines:

    1. I am not required to take the laptop provided to me by the college, it is for students in need of a device.
    2. I agree to use the equipment safely as with any electrical appliance. I agree to protect the equipment from damage, extreme temperatures, liquids, falls, and/or theft, , as I will be financially responsible for the equipment.
    3. I will keep the laptop and accessories clean and useful for the next authorized borrower, should I decide to no longer attend Jackson College or complete my degree.
    4. I will not make any alterations, additions or improvements to the computer. Such alterations include, but are not limited to, adding memory, installing games or other unauthorized software, and adding input/output devices. I will also not remove or alter any Jackson College or other identification labels attached to or displayed on the computer
    5. I will keep the equipment and will not lend or let others use this equipment as I am financially responsible for this device.
    6. I accept full responsibility and liability for the laptop and accessories I am borrowing.
    7. I agree to comply with JC’s Responsible Use Policy and with all State/Federal laws governing electronic hardware, software, and communications.
    8. I agree to use a notebook or laptop bag to safely transport the notebook.
    9. I agree to return all equipment and accessories when/if notified by Jackson College. If the notebook is not returned it is considered lost or stolen and I may be charged a $600 replacement fee.
    10. I agree to notify the JC Solution Center immediately if this equipment is damaged, malfunctioning, or lost and arrange for repair. Lost notebooks will not be replaced.
    11. I agree to use the laptop for personal academic use, I will not sell, lend out, or use this device for personal gain.
    12. I understand this laptop is to help with my education at Jackson College, if at any time I choose to not return to Jackson College prior to completing my degree I will return the laptop in the condition it was issued to me.
    13. I understand that all files, software, and bookmarks may be saved to the hard drive of the notebook. I understand that I should also save important files to a formatted storage device (thumb drive, etc.) that I provide as a backup. I understand that any lost files are not the responsibility of JC.
    14. I understand that should I fail to honor all the terms of these guidelines and the Respectful and Responsible Use Policy, future Internet and other electronic media accessibility may be denied. Furthermore, I may be subject to disciplinary action or fees, and if applicable, my Laptop computer may be recalled.
    15. Obtaining internet access, at locations other than Jackson College campuses is the responsibility of the student.

    By signing this policy, you agree to abide by the conditions listed above and assume responsibility for the care and proper use of Jackson College technology, including personally backing up personal data. Jackson College is not responsible for any loss resulting from delays, non-deliveries, missed deliveries, lost data, or service interruptions caused by user errors, omissions or reasons beyond the college’s control.

    Any failure to comply with applicable policies or this Agreement may result in a hold being placed upon my course registration privileges and transcript or other appropriate disciplinary actions or sanctions. Any violation may also be subject to legal action and / or prosecution by law enforcement authorities.

  • How to accept the Student Laptop Agreement in JetStream

    New Jackson College students who meet the eligibility requirements for a new student laptop must agree to the Student Laptop Agreement in JetStream. These instructions will guide a student through this process.

    1. Navigate to the JetStream site at
    2. Sign into JetStream using your Jackson College e-mail address and password.
    3. Open the user options menu by clicking on the person icon on the lower left side of the screen, as shown below.
    4. Click on the Required Agreements link in user options menu.
    5. If you are eligible to receive a laptop you will see an agreement called Jackson College Student Laptop Agreement. Click on the view button to see the details of the agreement. Agreements are assigned twice per week. If you have recently registered for classes and meet the criteria for the laptop program, please check back in a few days.
    6. The details of the Laptop Agreement will be displayed. If you would like to print your agreement, click the print button to open the agreement in a printer friendly window. If you would like to receive a laptop and agree to the laptop terms, click the Accept button. If you do not want to receive a laptop or you disagree with the laptop terms, click the Decline button.