Supported Web Browsers for IT Services

What Browser Should You Use?

Many of our web based services can be viewed using a number of web browsers. However, not all web browsers are supported. Some browsers may still work to an extent, but the user experience may diminish with browsers that are considered unsupported. Please refer to the table below to determine which browser(s) are supported for the service you would like to use. Services are sorted alphabetically and separated into two tabs.

Please note: Some services may have additional information indicated by a (*) citation which can be reviewed below the table.

Applications A – P

AccuplacerAstra 8Colleague UI 5e-ServicesJetNetOffice 365
Google Chrome*checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Microsoft Edgecheckcheckcheck
Internet Explorer 11checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Mozilla Firefox*checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck

Applications Q – Z

Raisers EdgeRecruiterJetStreamTutorTrac
WebI 4.1 SP7WebNow 7.1
Google Chrome*checkcheck
Google Chrome 33check
Microsoft Edgecheck
Internet Explorer 11checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Mozilla Firefox*checkcheck
Mozilla Firefox 28check
Safari 6.1checkcheck

Additional Information:

* Current Version (Firefox and Chrome typically update every six weeks)

(*1) TutorTrac has been known to work best with Firefox browsers