International Education Week, Nov. 16-22

November 19, 2020

International Education Week, Nov. 16-22, 2020, is a week that schools across the U.S. celebrate our international students and the global and cultural experience we can share because of the opportunities we have to learn and grow together. This is the 21st year we celebrate International Education Week.

Did you know that Jackson College is the no. 2 school in our district for dollars and jobs supported based on international students? This is a contribution of 1.7 million dollars supporting 8 jobs in our district ( Of course, the economic impact is minor in comparison to the social and cultural value these students bring to our campus and local community.

We, as Jackson College ambassadors, can sculpt our mutual experience with international education. I encourage each of you to consider the impact international students have had on you. That one student in your class, the student that explained the tough math problem to you, the one who became your new friend or the one who taught you to view your world through a different set of eyes. How blessed we are to know these students!

I am often asked, why would someone from another country want to study at Jackson College? I have many responses to that question. My number one response is, why wouldn’t someone want to feel the warmth of a family-oriented campus that cares about them? Students have changed their stars by walking through our doors. More profoundly, these students have changed us.

Take time this week to hold in your mind the international students that have and continue to shape our campus.  Please also join us weekly for our Global Student Organization (GSO) meeting from 11 a.m. -12 noon Friday.  If you are interested in learning more about the GSO or the International Student Institute, contact Jamie Morris at

 Open your window to the world and the world will come in.