About the International Student Institute

International Student InstituteThe International Student Institute serves as the primary location for international student recruitment and support, study abroad inquiries and opportunities, and intercultural initiatives. The International Student Institute, located in Bert Walker Hall Room 221 on the Central Campus, is open to all members of the Jackson College community.


The primary mission of the International Student Institute is to enhance the international dimensions of Jackson College through recruitment and support of international students, and internationalization of the Jackson College curricula.


The International Student Institute envisions a globally diverse student body that demonstrates intercultural competency and a college that offers extensive opportunities for students to improve their understanding of other cultures.


  1. Create a welcoming, supportive environment for international students.
  2. Increase the number of international students at Jackson College.
  3. Collaborate with academic departments regarding the expansion of globally focused curricula.
  4. Provide a forum for intercultural dialogue and understanding in order to foster intercultural awareness within the Jackson College community.