Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The month of May is Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the cultures and contributions of Asians and Pacific Islands in the U.S. and around the world!

Student Feature: Shaina Marie Dilag

What is your background?

I was born and raised in the Philippines and graduated from Dumangas National High School. My family and I live in Sulangan Dumangas, one of the provinces of Iloilo city. What I most love about the place where I was born is the bond, or the connection, which people have with each other. I am proud because I have witnessed the kindness and affection of people that are living there. I also miss the smell of foods that really makes me starve. Specifically, I’m talking about the street foods. It’s something like a small business that Filipinos do outside of their houses as a source of income. In my heart, the province is where I belong, as it is filled with fresh air, beautiful sunsets on the beach and peace.

What degree you are pursuing?

I am currently working on my associate in applied science degree. The program is challenging, but I still hold onto my hope of completing this degree.

What is a memory or experience you have had at Jackson College that makes you smile?

One of the memories that I would never forget at JC were all about my experiences of doing laboratory activities, it brings a smile on my face whenever I think about them. On my first semester at JC, I still remember how innocent I was and didn’t know how to properly use most of the tools in the lab. I don’t even know how to perform the lab activities by myself, and it’s such a lucky semester for me because I have my lab partners. I just constantly staring at my lab partners, memorizing the name of the tools, and trying to watch them and how they use them. Whenever I recall my first semester at JC, I always smile because I was in a void at that time, but now I am enjoying labs as I was afraid of them before. I never realized I was learning so much and still intend to keep learning. One thing that makes Jackson College stand out to me is that instructors are approachable and they are willing to help. I will also include the reason why I like Michigan is that because I appreciate the nature. I love the Great Lakes and mountains. Here is a picture of me with Lake Huron. The view is absolutely marvelous, and I can’t wait to go back there.