Students Returning from Study Abroad

You’ve studied abroad! Although you may have already exhausted the ears of your friends and family with stories from abroad, we always like to hear about your experience. Students who are interested in study abroad also love to hear about your experience abroad. We have provided the following one-page evaluation, which will be used to start a Study Abroad Student Experiences file in our Resource Center. Honesty and careful thought should be taken into account when completing these evaluations, and we appreciate you taking the time to complete the entire evaluation.

Study Abroad Student Experiences

Please fill out the following form and return a paper copy to the International Student Institute.

Continuing your experience

There are various ways that you can continue to use the skills and knowledge you gained while studying abroad. Here is a brief list of opportunities available at JC:

  • Join the International Student Organization
  • Volunteer to speak during Open Houses and New Student Orientations
  • Share your experience with fellow classmates and coworkers – encourage them to go abroad

There are plenty of ways that you can make your experience apply to the rest of your education, career, and life. If you have any questions or concerns, please .