US-BRAZIL Connect Fellowship Program

brazilgroupWe are looking for students who have the drive and desire to thrive in the US-BRAZIL Connect Fellowship Program and who are committed to helping build opportunities for future community college participants.

This program creates opportunities for U.S. community college students to work as fellows, seeing Brazil firsthand. You will develop professional networks, and explore global trends in innovation, sustainability, water, and information/environmental/ construction technologies.

The U.S. Brazil Connect program is temporarily on hold. Please check back for updates.

  • What do US-Brazil Fellows do?

    You will…

    • Participate in a three-credit-hour course which prepares you to travel to Brazil and gain the skills needed to serve as an English tutor to Brazilian high school students in Brazil.
    • Serve as an online tutor, working five hours per week with 10-12 selected Brazilian technology students from April-June, 2017 and July-August, 2017. Fellows will receive guidance for their work as tutors and earn a stipend of $200 (a per diem for meals outside the school or hotel).
    • Travel to Brazil for a four-week fellowship in June 2017. In Brazil, fellows will teach English for five hours per day, participate in an in-depth learning experience focused on Brazil’s rise and the role of sustainability, science and technology, and explore Brazil’s amazing music, dance, and food. Housing and food are provided.
  • Why Brazil?

    Brazil’s economy is booming and drawing attention from around the world. Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, and is now the world’s seventh largest economy. It is predicted to be the fifth largest consumer market in the world by 2025. With a rich tradition of music, art, and creativity, Brazil has emerged as a global leader in sustainability, technology and innovation.

    Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.

    Read more basics about Brazil:

    What are the benefits and costs for selected fellows?

    • Fellowship: Fellows will tutor Brazilian students online and earn funding of $200.
    • Lodging and food: Our hosts, The Brazilian Confederation of Industry and the school system of SESI and SENAI, will support fellows and faculty, providing local accommodations and meals for our month in Brazil.
    • Student costs (billed as a course fee): $2,500, plus JC tuition for three-credit hour course. Thanks to generous support from sponsors and donors, costs to U.S. fellows are subsidized. (Full program costs are estimated at $8,000.)
    • Students receiving the Pell Grant are eligible for a Gilman Scholarship, which compensates students for all program costs.
  • What is the criteria for selection?
    • You are a community college student – even a part-time student – at Jackson  College. Selected fellows need only to register for the US-Brazil course (HUM 220) to be eligible.
    • You are genuinely interested in learning about Brazil and connecting with Brazilians.
    • You will make a commitment to serving as an online tutor, working five hours per week with 10-12 selected Brazilian technology students over a four-month period.
    • You respect cultural diversity, enjoy learning, and want to learn some Portuguese.
    • You are able to work cooperatively in a team and have a positive attitude.
    • You have excellent reading, writing, and speaking skills in English
    • You must be U.S. citizen. You must have a valid U.S. passport or commit to obtaining a valid U.S. passport if accepted to the program.
    • You are over 18 years of age (or will reach the age of 18 by the time of travel in June). You must submit a complete application with an essay and letter of recommendation.

    The application process is designed to identify participants with high potential as authentic leaders, effective agents of change, problem-solvers, and dedicated team builders.

    You do not need to know Portuguese to participate.

    Visit to learn more about the program.


For more information please contact:

International Student Institute
Bert Walker Hall, Room 221
Phone: 517.990.1315