Internships help make students career-ready

July 10, 2017

Employers have spoken, and Jackson College listened. Beginning this fall, all career program students must complete an internship in their program of study.

“Employers have shared how extremely valuable a work-based experience can be for any students,” said Jeremy Frew, current vice president of student services. “All of our occupational degrees will have some sort of work-based learning built into the curriculum. This effort is based on our students and what our community was telling us.”

Internship opportunities offer practical experience in the workplace.

  • Students learn about what particular jobs demand.
  • Is that dream job really the dream they thought it was?
  • Students build soft skills important in any field – getting to work on time, communication, teamwork, customer service and more.
  • Internships may also lead to job offers for students who do well.

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