Employer Internship Information

For employers who are looking for the cream of the crop among college-educated, entry-level employees, an internship program is the best way to build a pipeline of talented professionals. Interns are valuable assets for employers for several reasons. In addition to being a pipeline for hiring, interns fill positions and assist employers with innovative ideas and technology.

Benefits of Having an Intern

  • Students can provide a new perspectives on organizational issues
  • Students bring current technical knowledge and skills
  • Internships are a valuable way to evaluate and recruit potential employees
  • Internships provide an avenue of discussion with the College on the desire skills and qualification of the future workforce

Internship Site Responsibilities

  • Provide a clear job description of intern position, including role and responsibilities. To post your position visit College Central Network and create your Employer Account.
  • The role and responsibilities for the position are associated with the educational and career advancement of the student relating directly to their program of study.
  • Provide a qualified professional directly related to the students field of study. This professional must be able to spend time training and supervising all aspects of the student’s experience.
  • A signed Affiliation Agreement must be submitted and the employer must pass a site evaluation by the Work-Based Learning Coordinator.