Employer Internship Information

Jackson College is here to support our local employers in their efforts to recruit, retain and upskill their workforce. We invite you to post positions, host interns and recruit on our campuses. For more information on how Jackson College can aid employers, please visit our Corporate & Continuing Education page.

Post a Job or Internship

Employers who are seeking skilled, talented workers for their business are encouraged to post open positions to Jackson College’s job board hosted by College Central Network. Positions are advertised to students, alumni, and community members.

Jackson College will not post positions of the following nature:

  • Positions that require upfront payments and/or classified as independent consultants.
  • Jobs which require enlistment into any branch of military service. U.S. Military recruiters are not classified as recruiting agencies.
  • Opportunities from private families/individuals.
  • International positions.

Post a Job or Internship

Host an Intern

  • Benefits of Having an Intern
    • Students can provide new perspectives on organizational issues.
    • Students bring current technical knowledge and skills.
    • Internships are a valuable way to evaluate and recruit potential employees.
    • Internships provide an avenue of discussion with the College on the desire skills and qualification of the future workforce.
  • Internship Site Responsibilities
    • Provide a clear job description of intern position, including role and responsibilities. To post your position visit College Central Network and create your Employer Account.
    • The role and responsibilities for the position are associated with the educational and career advancement of the student relating directly to their program of study.
    • Provide a qualified professional directly related to the student’s field of study. This professional must be able to spend time training and supervising all aspects of the student’s experience.
    • A signed learning agreement must be in place for each student and the employer must pass a site evaluation by the work-based learning coordinator.

Campus Recruiting & Upcoming Events

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