Faculty Information

The Work-Based Learning (WBL) Coordinator works closely with faculty members on campus to ensure that WBL experiences are valuable for the students and their respective departments.

Faculty internship advisors are responsible for guiding their students towards the appropriate resources on campus while also assigning academic credit to these experiences.   For specific internship guidelines,  forms, and other resources pleaselook through the tabs below.



These resources come from current WBL courses that are being run at Jackson College. Please click through for examples on projects, grading, and other course related information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours per semester does an experience have to be to qualify for credits?

    A minimum of 50 Work-Based Learning (WBL) hours is required per credit hour awarded. For example, the student must complete 150 WBL hours for a 3 credit class. Exact amount of hours required per class is flexible, as long as the minimum of 50 hours per credit is met.

  • What forms are required by the college?

    The WBL Program requires the following forms to be completed before a student may begin an experience:

    • Application – Completed by the student and approved by faculty
    • WBL Contract- Completed by the student and faculty to reflect specific learning objectives and signed approved by site supervisor and WBLC
    • Affiliation Agreement- Signed by WBL site and college representative
  • Who is responsible for obtaining the internship position?

    The student is responsible for obtaining the position, this is not a placement program. However, every effort and resource will be provided to the student to help them in being successful.

  • What are my responsibilities regarding the internship process and course?

    As the Faculty Coordinator, you should:

    • Assist with identifying site locations through networking and known contacts.
    • Approve applications of students that you know are prepped and ready to participate in an internship.
    • Ensure that the internship experience is relevant to the student intern’s program of study.
    • Ensure the educational outcomes of a position aligns with the desired outcomes for your academic program.
    • Maintain contact with the students through their experience to ensure that the student is working towards their set objectives.
    • If any red flags appear, contact the WBL Coordinator immediately.
    • Assign and maintain grades carefully and fairly.
    • Contribute to the future success of the program by providing accurate and honest feedback on the program, the internship site, and student preparedness.
  • What are the responsibilities of the WBL Coordinator regarding the internship process and course?
    • Assist students through their process of locating and securing a position by identifying and developing resources and contacts, and providing guidance.
    • Work with faculty regarding course criteria, site suitability, and student evaluation.
    • Serve as a liaison between employers and the WBL program.
    • Visit possible internship sites to coordinate learning experiences, supervision and site suitability.
    • Assess the effectiveness of the program through student and site evaluations.
    • Handle issues, concerns and complaints in a timely manner.
    • If necessary, remove student intern from internship for dishonesty or failure to abide by the policies and regulations of the internship site. If the student intern is removed from the internship experience, a failing grade will be assigned.

    If necessary, remove student intern from internship site for failure on the employer’s part to uphold policies, procedures, and contracts. If the student intern is removed, assist student in finding another possible site.

  • What if a student cannot find or complete an internship?

    In certain circumstances, students will either be unable to obtain or manage to incorporate a work-based learning experience during their time with us. The student and lead Faculty can discuss appropriate alternatives. For ideas or recommendations feel free to contact the work-based learning coordinator.

  • When can a work-based learning experience start?

    Ideally, the work-based learning experience would align with the traditional academic calendar. However, the student should register for their internship course during the semester in which they complete the majority of their hours. If a student begins an experience mid semester they may receive an “I” until their hours and projects have been complete for their actual letter grade. The student and lead Faculty can discuss appropriate alternatives.