Student Internship Information

Internships are important! They provide distinctive and practical learning experiences outside of the classroom. This is the perfect opportunity to explore areas of personal interest, gain practical experience, and forge relationships that often times help with the job search after graduation. Employers will ask about internships, part-time jobs, and summer jobs when determining whether or not a candidate is qualified. In fact, companies are now using internships as one of the most common methods to select new employees.

Eligibility Criteria

Approved students currently pursuing a degree are eligible to use the resources and information provided by the work-based learning coordinator. Students interested in participating in the Work-Based Learning Program for credit must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be designated to a degree program.
  • Students must have completed all prerequisites required by their program of study
  • Students must have the consent of the program’s internship Faculty member and submitted all necessary paperwork to the Work-Based Learning Coordinator prior to registering for the internship course.

*This policy does not apply to students in Allied Health or Nursing Programs.*

** International Students must have DSO approval before beginning an internship.  **

Internship Process

Semester Before

  • Student completes work-based learning application, letting both Faculty and Work-Based Learning Coordinator that they intend to begin their search for a position
  • Student meets with Work-Based Learning Coordinator to discuss resources and contacts
  • Student begins application/interview process

Once Position is obtained

  • Fills out contract with supervisor, includes learning objectives
  • Site visit is completed to check suitability
  • Student is registered for work-based learning class

During Internship

  • Students maintain weekly contact with faculty
  • Student and supervisor fill out midway evaluation and submit for review
  • Site visit is conducted to discuss midway evaluation and how everything is going (one on one with both student and supervisor)
  • Supervisor fills out final evaluation and submits it to the Faculty member
  • Student submits all required assignments as determined by Faculty member

After Internship

  • Student and employer complete work-based learning survey


If you believe you are ready for your internship please, complete the Work-Based Learning Application. This must be signed by your designated Faculty member before submission.

Student Internship Application 

International Students must have approval from the DSO, please use the below application.

International Student Internship Application