Earn 3 credits in 3 weeks with intersession classes

October 5, 2020

Jackson College students can earn three credits in just three weeks with Jackson College’s new “intersession” classes.

Intersession classes will be offered online over the break between fall and winter semesters, beginning Dec. 21 and ending Jan. 8.

“Intersession provides an additional opportunity for traditional, personal interest, and guest students to get ahead in their studies, or catch up on academic coursework during the holiday break. It is our hope to not only reach our traditional students but students all over the state of Michigan who want or need to take academic coursework during the holiday break,” said Zakary McNitt, registrar.

Vice President of Instruction and Student Services Jeremy Frew added that, in this current environment, it’s important to offer multiple options that allow students to progress toward their educational goals. For students returning home to Jackson for the holidays have an opportunity to complete transferable courses at Jackson College’s cost.

Courses to be offered include:

  • ART 112 History: Renaissance-Present
  • BUA 121 Leadership
  • COM 240 Interpersonal Communication
  • HIS 211 Minority Groups in America
  • MUS 131 Understanding Music
  • SOC 231 Principles of Sociology

Full course descriptions are available on the college website.

Because the intersession is not a standard term, students cannot use financial aid.

To learn more, visit jccmi.edu/intersession. Registration will begin Nov. 16.