Jackson College & Adrian College unveil new transfer agreement in business administration

June 5, 2024

In a move that underscores their commitment to student success, Adrian College (AC) and Jackson College (JC) have proudly announced the signing of a Master Articulation Agreement to facilitate the transfer of students studying business administration and want to complete a bachelor’s degree.

With this new agreement, a student who completes a Business Administration Associate in Applied Science or Business Administration Associate in Arts at JC and follows the program plan may transfer seamlessly into the Bachelor of Business Administration program at AC. JC students who complete 60 credit hours or more will be allowed to transfer their credit hours to AC through a “2+2” degree program where students complete the first half (typically around two years) of their degree at JC and then transfer to AC, a four-year college, to finish their bachelor’s degree.

“We created an agreement where Jackson College students will be able to complete a little over 60 credit hours, and when they come to Adrian College, they won’t have to repeat those courses,” AC Registrar Amy Mergen said. “We are also counting the general education requirements at Jackson as our skills and distributions, so those students don’t have to backpedal and retake those courses. It’s a big deal. We’re transferring their credits, course for course. Their hard-earned dollars won’t be misspent.”

The idea for the partnership came from a dual-enrollment meeting for local high school counselors and principals held at the Lenawee Intermediate School District Tech Center. Jake Docking, AC Dean of Retention and Enrollment Services, attended the meeting, as did Zak McNitt, JC Registrar and Director of Jackson College Lenawee, who contacted him later to talk about creating a credit transfer partnership.

“We did not have an avenue for our students to have an easy pathway to Adrian College,” McNitt said. “So, I began talking with Jake (Docking) and realized that if we could create some type of agreement, especially with one of our larger programs like business, and remove those barriers and streamline the transition, there would definitely be a need for a natural funnel for us to send our students to Adrian College to complete their bachelor’s programming after earning their associates from Jackson College.”

This agreement is the first of its kind between the two colleges. However, they are also looking at several other majors where similar credit transfer agreements could possibly be made. McNitt said he is very confident JC’s students will do well at AC, citing his own positive experiences as a 2011 graduate of AC and a former registrar there until 2014.

“I spoke with Jake (Docking) about a few other programs that we would like to get to the table next,” McNitt said. “We’re currently looking into teacher education. If we can get this program off the ground and running, in my view, the next logical step is for us to utilize Adrian College as a partner for students coming to us who want to be teachers.”

Business administration degrees enable graduates to enter fields that are in high demand in the workforce and by facilitating the transfer of students from a business administration program at JC to a degree program at AC, the partnership helps meet the demands of employers for skilled professionals in this field., Mergen said

“Through this agreement, we aim to eliminate barriers to higher education by ensuring a smooth curriculum transition that maximizes the transfer of credits and minimizes duplication of coursework,” Mergen said. “This partnership exemplifies our shared values of supporting students in their educational journey and preparing them for success in their chosen careers. We look forward to welcoming transfer students from Jackson College into our vibrant academic community and supporting them every step of the way.”

All Jackson College students may benefit from this transfer agreement. For those interested in going into business administration, speak with a student success navigator for guidance on the correct courses to take to fulfill the articulation agreement. Jackson College has offered classes in Adrian since the 1980s and continues to at the Jackson College @ LISD TECH Center. Campuses are also located in Jackson and Hillsdale, as well as online options.

For more information about AC’s programs, visit adrian.edu. To see what JC is offering, visit jccmi.edu.

(Pictured are Zak McNitt, Amy Mergen and Jake Docking)